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This collection inspired by the profound calmness found in quiet moments, embody the essence of serenity – a perfect form to express inner peace and poise

R u m m e


The name, inspired by the Sanskrit word for "spacious," stood for something more than just jewelry. It symbolized a spacious place where hearts could find acceptance and authenticity. In the heart of this brand was a belief, a philosophy that encouraged taking life one step at a time. Rumme was the sanctuary where diversity was celebrated, where self-love and self-acceptance reigned supreme. It was the place where you could put yourself first, embrace your uniqueness, and live without judgment.

Rumme's jewelry was a testament to this philosophy. Each piece was not just a piece; it was a labor of love, designed, sourced, and meticulously crafted by hand, one by one, from scratch. No molds were ever used, for Rumme believed that every customer was uniquely special, just like their adornment. It was a reminder that in a world where everything moved so fast, you were truly one of a kind, and your jewelry should be too.

As you adorned yourself with Rumme's creations, you became a walking testament to the brand's message. Each piece had found its way to you, inspired by the journey of life itself, a reflection of your beauty, your story, your spacious soul. Rumme was not just a brand; it was an embrace, a celebration of you, and a place where you could express yourself freely, knowing that you were in a space that encouraged acceptance, diversity, and self-love.