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Having Hope

The material exploration that we used to make in this collection includes; forging, twisting, and burning the material we used. In our perspective — those methods are a long, difficult process, and the final result will be different from one another. We made this collection whole heartedly and hope the message we convey can be well received by all of rummates. And finally we present to you; Abhipraya series, meaning having hope in sanskrit. Thus, all the products in this collection can accompany you to accept, embrace, and welcome a new — better day ahead 🌞🤍

This is the early and raw stages of grief; shock, guilt, mourning — despair all hit you at various times, even sometimes in the same moment. You may feel the same thing over and over again, out of control, yet resist any help.


You are trying your best to accept your emotions for what they are. This can be turned into many forms; loss, emotional disorganization, and abundance. Some days are harder than the others, but that’s okay. You’re on your way.


You often want to keep your grief in, because I feel that letting it out means that you are admitting defeat to your pain. It takes some effort to let yourself go; accepting, surrendering, releasing. But deep down you know, you’re getting better at it.


In some way, you’re trying to remember that allowing yourself to accept all of your feelings now will help to gradually slow down your own healing process. You’re now reorganizing and you’re so close—maybe arrived at your destination; inner wholeness.

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