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  • What’s the material?
    We use two kinds of base material for our products; pure brass for statement pieces and sterling silver for dainty daily pieces. Additionally, everything is coated with 24k gold or silver. So it's safe to say that our products are sensitive skin-friendly and semi-precious jewels. 🤍
  • How should I store and take care of Rumme products?
    You should wipe the products dry every time they come into contact with water or liquids to prevent anything from drying up on the products. Afterward, you can store them in an airtight bag or a dry place.
  • Will the products blacken over time?
    There are two answers to this: 1. Over time, the products may lose their shine as the coating tarnishes. 2. Blackening or oxidizing is a natural process that can occur with any sterling silver jewelry. If this happens, you can use a polishing cloth to remove the dirt and restore your jewelry to its original shine. Additionally, you can always send our product back to our warehouse for repair and re-coating services.
  • Why do I receive products with different shapes and textures from your catalog photos?
    We are a handmade jewelry brand, and we use manual, delicate, special processes and treatments for each product without using any molds. As a result, every product will have a slightly different shape and texture, making each one unique. We believe that every product is as special as the person who purchases it, and you won't find identical products or the same feel in every item you purchase here.
  • Can I place an international order and have it shipped to my location?
    Yes, we do accept international orders! However, all international orders are handled manually through our email, WhatsApp, and Instagram messages only. Please note that the shipping fee will vary according to your shipping address.
  • Customer Service
    We’re here to help you. Rumme team will always be happy to assist you in any of your inquiries. Drop us an email to We will do our best to provide honest and speedy service and feedback.
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