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This is one of our most challenging yet exciting custom orders. Aulia’s wedding jewelry consists of an 18k gold necklace and anklet. Without any reference and specific details, as a brief, she just wants their wedding jewel to be not ‘too much’ but also sophisticated at the same time. Aulia and her partner both like arctic tern, because they believed that it represents their relationship and also as their hope to always be able to travel anywhere, no matter how long — no matter how far — together & forever. As a result, arctic tern becomes the necklace(s) pendant, complemented with freshwater pearl and black zircon for each necklace which is expected to give a different meaning but also complement each other. Pearl promotes the idea of purity, chastity, and marriage while black zircon represents protection, strength, and intuition. Both of the stones reflect their marriage life to always be full of love, faithfulness, and togetherness in facing and living their married life.

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