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We’re Rumme

Handmade Jewelry, Custom Jewelry

Meaning Spacious.

a broad room to express ourselves and also for everyone else to express theirs.

​Provide a space for us to accept ourselves.

Believed in taking it one step at a time,

embracing diversity,

putting yourself first, and

in grieving so that you can have room to feel something else.


•Metamorfosa Piring Selampad by NES at Grand Indonesia, Jakarta

•Gamaliél&Isyana cover music video “A Whole New World” for Disney Music Asia VEVO
•Rollover Reaction Campaign vol. 8
•Modni in Universitas Indonesia Fashion Week 2019
•Kraton World by Auguste Soesastro in Plaza Indonesia Fashion Week 2019

•2icons for Wabi-Sabi by Anita Prayogo campaign shoot


•Grazia Magazine, a fashion spread editorial, May 2017
•NET TV, feature “Pagi Pagi”, October 2018

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